Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

“we are committed to your trust with Abatti services”

Your security is our priority at Abatti services. When you give credit card information, we keep the information safe with us. SSL technology is used where we encrypt your data for your secure ecommerce transaction. All of the information that you provide us is encrypted before it is sent over to anything else in our system.

First, we get your information, secure firewalls in our system secure all the relevant information. We have the communication management computers that keep all the information safe and no one can access to this data on internet. If the browser through which you are doing the transaction do not accept the Secure Sockets Layers technology, your transactions cannot be proceeded.

In order to be sure that everything in the site is secure, look for the letters “HTTPS” instead of http that is situated in the URL address at the top bar which will indicate that everything is secure.

What data we collect?

When possible, we only collect the client’s domain name. We collect information of what pages and sites the client had visited on our website and the information that the consumer gives us voluntarily like information during registration and the survey information including name, address, phone numbers and emails for those who fill the forms.

Use of data:

The main aim to collect all such information is to improve the website’s content and to customize it as much as possible. This helps us to create the service estimates and the layout of our webpage for each individual.


Our website can use cookies to track the activities of users on our website. It is just a part of software that server stores on the user’s computer and to identify the customer if they are going to visit again.

We store visitor’s preferences through cookies, and this helps us to store the past activities on our website which helps us to improve our services every time the visitor returns to our website.  We deliver targeted ads through cookies to our visitors on vendors of 3rd party. Visit our ad preferences manager to opt out these ads.


Abatti services have proper security measures which protect everything form loss and misuse and no one can alter any information that our site has been collecting.

Links to other websites:

Please note that we can also have link with other websites. These other links may not be operated by Abatti services. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites and you can have access to these sites on your own risk. Have a look on the privacy policy of those sites that you are going to visit.